Untitled #3

Floating in the ocean
rummaging through the weeds
no lost treasures down here
only ruins of old ships weep
the voice loud and clear
booming in the deep
oh, swim to surface, oh dear
before is final the deed
oh look, the sun’s above you
a new day arose
go out and get some air
don’t tie anchors to your feet.

Untitled #1

She braved the dust
and a thousand leaves
and danced in the rain
and stood in the mist.
When all was done,
she hugged a wave and went to sleep.


Kathmandu: I Never Said Goodbye

Because I didn’t like it there. It was an extension of India. Even when you take away the spitting and the staring, it wasn’t very nice staying there. Barring Thamel, it wasn’t good; and the people in Thamel were good because obviously, at the end of the day, they want your money.

I started the new year with a police complaint because “boys will be boys.” Worst of all, a man accosted me and my sister that Nepal isn’t India and we shouldn’t make a big deal if a guy was misbehaving with me and my sister. Well, that is what I got from the general sense of how people were, including the fact that the “western notion of manners” seems to be lost when excuse me means nothing and people would rather shove you away even on an empty footpath.

I have the same complaint with India, but Nepal isn’t great to the tourists either. The only people I might have come across could have been not so good, and I shouldn’t be judging the entire demographic on the basis of a small percentage of your people, but the government system wasn’t great either. I was told to not reveal to people that I work with a human rights organisation, one that specifically focuses on torture, because the police don’t like us. I was scared, and later I personally dealt with cases of human rights workers being killed, them being a threat to the regime.

Anyhow, coming back here isn’t great either, but you have better expectations when you’re in a foreign land. Being nice to people ensures they come back.


PS – And that’s not what an airport should look like. Or function.