I’m around again 

Happy new year!

I hope you have all settled into the new year, with your resolutions and what not. It’s going to take another ten days for me. Regular posts coming then. For the meantime, have a look at my first read of 2016:

I read the first Hereville, and I loved it. So I got the second one as soon as I could and devoured it in one sitting. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Untitled #3

Floating in the ocean
rummaging through the weeds
no lost treasures down here
only ruins of old ships weep
the voice loud and clear
booming in the deep
oh, swim to surface, oh dear
before is final the deed
oh look, the sun’s above you
a new day arose
go out and get some air
don’t tie anchors to your feet.

Untitled #1

She braved the dust
and a thousand leaves
and danced in the rain
and stood in the mist.
When all was done,
she hugged a wave and went to sleep.